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Single breasted

The smooth operator

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As worn (with matching waistcoat) by Sean Connery in Dr No to such devastating effect, the single breasted suit is our most popular choice. Perfect for any occasion, it comes in a range of styles designed to complement your shape and size.

The single breasted suit comes in one, two, three and four button styles. As a general rule, the more buttons and the shorter the lapels, the more contemporary the look.

Naturally, we’ll be pleased to advise on different lapel styles and individual quirks such as buttonhole stitches, to add personality to the suit and reflect your individual style.

Two button
Three button

Options & features

  • Notch lapels
  • Out breast welt pocket
  • Straight side pockets with pockets & flaps
  • Plain back, no vents
  • Coloured hand stitching
  • Buttoned cuffs
  • Slanted side pockets
  • Notched lapel
  • Peaked lapel
  • Coloured linings



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Half Canvas Full Canvas

Seriously sharp

Bespoke suits from just £475 View prices »

Single breasted

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Double breasted

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Double breasted

The class act

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For a more formal, classic look, the double breasted jacket features two overlapping front panels, as opposed to its single breasted counterpart, which has a narrow overlap.

Traditionally, the double breasted jacket will have peak lapels, with the usual styling options available throughout the jacket. These include fastening one button and showing two, fastening one button and showing three – and the most popular (and fashionable) – fastening two and showing three.

A word of warning. Not every man can pull off the double breasted suit jacket. Short and thinner individuals may want to steer clear, since the overlapping fabric at the front can make the wearer look shorter. Tall and bigger men, on the other hand, will carry it off with aplomb.

Options & features

  • Notch lapels
  • Out breast welt pocket
  • Straight side pockets with pockets & flaps
  • Plain back, no vents
  • Coloured hand stitching
  • Buttoned cuffs
  • Slanted side pockets
  • Notched lapel
  • Peaked lapel
  • Coloured linings

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More style. Less damage.

Congratulations, she said yes! So, whether you are getting married in a Cathedral or on a beach, we are committed to helping you look your very best, while ensuring that you still feel like yourself.

We appreciate that preparing for your big day can feel a bit daunting. That’s why we like to take care of all the little details, so that you can really relax and enjoy the whole experience of deciding on the best suit options for your big day.

Our Service

On arrival you will be poured a glass of champagne or another beverage of your choice, then one of our expert consultants will assess your requirements and guide you accordingly. We cater for a range of different tastes and budgets.

Nothing but perfection will do for your special day, so please do remember to allow plenty of time for fittings and alterations. You will need to allow 9-10 weeks from your initial consultation until final completion. Alternatively, you can opt for the ‘Express Service’ (an extra £75) which aims to complete the whole process within 6 weeks.

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When you know the rules
you can break them

Innovative and contemporary, our designer range came into being when Sam, Dress2kill’s Creative Director, decided modern suits needed a shot in the arm.Combining his years of experience and natural flair for design with a healthy disregard for convention, Sam’s created an array of custom-made designer suits and jackets that justify Dress2kill’s reputation as ‘the creative tailors that dare’.

With a keen eye for the main chance, he’s produced a set of unique design concepts you won’t find anywhere else.

£675 to £895 (2-piece)

Dinner Suit

  • Super 120’s Black
  • Single Breasted/Button
  • Satin Peak Lapels (thin)
  • Satin Buttons
  • Four Button, w/cuff and lining design
  • Slanted Jetted Pockets
  • Satin Covered
  • Back Panel Design
£575 to £795 (2-piece)

Business Power Suit

  • Superfine Medium Weight
  • Navy Chalk Stripe
  • Peak Lapels
  • Single Breasted/2 Button
  • Side Vents
  • Contrast Buttonhole Stitching

Funky Summer / Silver Grey with Black Pinstripe

  • Kid and Mohair Blend
  • Single Breasted/Button
  • Peak Lapels (thin) with black boarder continuing to top collar
  • Slanting pockets
  • Ticket pocket and contrasting black detail on pocket jetts
  • Triple vent design and lining design
  • Four button, w/cuff and cuff lining design and buttonhole stitching
£675 to £895 (2-piece)

Wedding Suit

  • Silver/Grey Super 120’s
  • Single Breasted/Button
  • Slanting Pockets and Jetted Ticket Pocket
  • Shawl Collar
  • Side Vents
£725 (2-piece)

Business Suit Black

  • Super 120’s and Cashmere Blend
  • Single Breasted/2 Button
  • Throat Tab Collar and Contrast Button Hole Stitching
  • Coloured Felt-lined Collar
£795 (2-piece)

Olive and Black Contrast Suit

  • Wool and Cashmere Blend; Super 100’s
  • Single Breasted/Button
  • Peak Lapels (thin) and contrasting black edge stitching
  • Black collar contrast stitching
  • Slanted pockets
  • Jetted pocket (no flap) and black detail on pocket jetts
  • Triple vent design and lining design
  • Four button, w/cuff, cuff lining design and button hole stitching
£795 (2-piece)

Business Suit Navy

  • Superfine Medium Weight
  • Navy Herringbone and cloth cut on bias for diagonal design
  • Peak Lapels (thin)
  • Double Flower hole (contrast)
  • Aggressive Slanting Pockets
  • Four Button, w/cuff, lining design and contrast
  • Side Vents, Lining Design

Velvet Smoking Jacket

  • 100% Cotton Velvet
  • Single Breasted/Button
  • Shawl Collar
  • Slanted Pockets
  • Ticket Pocket (contrast red velvet on pocket jetts)
  • Side Vents (contrast black lining design)
  • Contrasting red back panel design
£575 to £795 (2-piece)



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For her

Smart. Stylish. Feminine.

Amongst our most popular and figure-flattering ladies’ styles is the one-button jacket, worn with a waistband and flat fronted finish. The classic pencil and A-line skirt are perennial favourites too, while for a more traditional style clients favour the three- buttoned jacket, worn with a long A-line slit skirt.

We have a wide selection of fabrics to choose from, with prices ranging from £390 for a Wool Blend cloth, and up to £795 for a soft, luxury Cashmere. The Pure New Wool range starts from £495, and super 110s/120s from £650 for a two-piece suit.

From £375
From £375


From £375
From £375


From £375



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House rules

Rules of the establishment

Read our story

  1. 1. Everyday concerns should be left at the door. The mind should be free of all unnecessary stresses and strains.
  2. 2. Magazines, books and other reference materials are available for the purloining of sartorial inspiration from persons of fame and notoriety.
  3. 3. Open and frank discussion of preferences and opinion with your tailor is actively encouraged, as is the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  1. 4. Measurements will be taken without embarrassing silences, winces of distress or moments of discomfort.
  2. 5. Snobbishness, self-consciousness and adherence to stuffy tradition are strictly prohibited.
  3. 6. One should only leave the premises when fully satisfied.
Walking with the wounded Harlequins Infiniti

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Monday to Friday 9AM to 6PM

Saturday 9AM to 4PM

Dress2kill Waterloo
47 The Cut
London SE1 8LF
T: 0207 928 9558
Email: sales@dress2kill.com
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Dress2kill Bank Studios
St Clements House
27-28 Clements Lane
London EC4N 7AE
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Booking date
Preferred time

Please note that our Bank branch is not open
on Saturdays

Tailor TV

Lifestyle Consultancy

Not many people know that it takes just 0.10 seconds for someone to make up their mind about you. That’s before you even have the chance to utter a word! Basically, your image speaks for you; it defines your chances of establishing a powerful, unforgettable, great first impression.

But here’s the thing, a great first impression requires much more than just having a suit that fits. Although a great suit is a good place to start, unless your style enhances your body type and unless your choice of colours align to the psychology of the overall message you wish to convey; your personal presence may not give you the competitive edge that would clearly benefit you in today’s market place.


Do you need to book an appointment? Our Image & Lifestyle Consultant, Jessica Daisy Healy, is here to help! She is an expert in helping successful people raise their game through harnessing the power creating a great first impression.

Colour Analysis A diagnostic process to ensure you are wearing the right colours. Getting your colours right will make you look healthier, more attractive and more youthful. You will feel more confident and people will respond more positively to your appearance. Knowing your personal colour palette will also save you time and money when shopping. In this session you will also discover a few powerful tools to maximize the psychology of colour in your wardrobe. A complimentary lifestyle and wellness evaluation is included.

Wardrobe Management A methodical approach to identifying your capsule wardrobe, including a personalized action plan to ensure your wardrobe reflects your body type and lifestyle needs. Feel 10/10 everyday and never worry again about what to wear for different social occasions/ functions! A complimentary lifestyle and wellness evaluation is included.

Suited for Success Bring it altogether with your perfect suit!

Our story

So, Jimmy, how was Dress2Kill born?

Well, it all started in October 1999. I was working as a recruitment consultant for Michael Page and I desperately needed some new suits. I had always liked having suits made for me and not being the tallest of chaps, finding an off the peg number that didn’t drown me, was always a challenge. So, I took the plunge and booked an interview room to avoid the embarrassment of my colleagues hearing my waist measurements. The tailor came equipped with some cloth books, a tape measure, as well as some of the worst halitosis I have ever experienced. Armed with all of these tools, he sold me two suits each costing around £600. Unfortunately, there was not much of a personality to his sales pitch, but none the less he managed that day to sell around 20 suits. He also tapped me up for a number of friends who also went on to experience his bad breath. But halitosis aside, there was clearly a market for this type of offering.

So, back at my office desk with my head clearly on the job in hand, I began to hatch a plan. If I could offer bespoke suits at affordable prices, without the smelly breath and with more personality, surely I was onto a winner?

During that summer, when I was in Port Grimaud with my then girlfriend and her family, the dinner conversation quickly turned towards my idea – and to this day, remains one of the most encouraging and uplifting conversations I’ve had. My girlfriend’s father, Adrian Witney, who I had always admired for his gift of encouragement and positivity, really supported my aspiration. This was affirmed when he put me in touch with his friend, Shirley Biggs, who he thought might be able to help me. Shirley had recently retired as buying director for John Lewis. So after I arrived home and not really knowing what to expect, I travelled over to Hampstead, armed with my business plan to meet her. The moment her door opened, I can truly say that my life changed...

I was greeted by a vivacious, exuberantly cheeky, blonde haired, big blue eyed – larger than life, smiling lady – Shirley. After several glasses of wine and many laughs, she thought that my business plan had legs, and what is more, I had a business partner! Very sadly Shirley is no longer with us, but her energy, excitement, outrageous personality and humour are still very much at the heart of everything that Dress2Kill do.

A week after meeting Shirley, I handed in my notice at Michael Page. I think most of my team thought I was a bonkers, but I don’t blame them – "You’re leaving to set up what?!"... You can imagine it. My parents were also slightly nervous for me, but I have to take my hat off to them, they have always been incredibly supportive and continue to be so.

All this sounds great James, but where did you find your first customers?

Shirley and I began humbly; we each wrote down the names of just 15 friends and family, who we would approach. Although we never expected the suits to fit them perfectly the first time round, we did give them our guarantee that in the end, we would deliver them a suit that they would be incredible happy with. Once we had achieved this objective, which of course we did, we asked them to recommend us to their friends and colleagues and it took off from there.

So, all being considered what would your advice be to someone wanting to set up their own business?

The first two years were extremely tough. You have to be prepared to invest your time, money and energy, and usually much more than you originally think! Personally, I had to remortgage a couple of times and my credit cards were certainly feeling the stretch. Of course the concoction of every entrepreneur and business venture is unique, but for Shirley and I, the best decision we made was to invest similar amounts of personal capital into setting up. I’ m glad we did this, because I’m not sure if the drive to succeed would have been as intense, if we had chosen to take the external investment root.

Secondly, do everything you can to keep overheads low. Shirley and I decided to base ourselves in Borough High Street, where the rent was reasonable and we had access to both the City and The West End. We also had access to Borough Market, which is probably the best food market in London, not that that had anything to do with our decision of course!

Brushing up on the essential skill set unique to the particular business, is also important. Shirley and I both enrolled on a course to learn how to measure people for suits. We learnt about the cloths, linings, features and how a suit is made. This meant that we were able to confidently oversee individual projects. That said, I don’t think anything can prepare you for running your own business like the actual experience of running it can.

Lastly, but certainly not least, make sure that you have good people around you – people who believe in your vision, but who will also be honest with you when they see you going off track. We were fortunate that my brother Andrew (a lawyer) and friend, Luke Jones (also an entrepreneur), were able to support us with their advice, contacts, as well as a small financial investment. Neil Biggs, Shirley’s husband, has been invaluable to us.

Why Dress2Kill?

We chose the name Dress2kill because we felt it encapsulated the energy and passion that we had and still do have for the business. We’re an upbeat, creative brand who value substance, quality and style over boring and stuffy, any day of the week. Ever since the birth of Dress2kill, we’ve strived to breathe new life into the suit industry. We are not afraid to push boundaries. We love to innovate, explore and create, whilst not forgetting the rich heritage of the British Suit. But we take the most pleasure in giving our customers an incredible, unforgettable experience, as well as of course, delivering quality suits that make them feel a million dollars.

Our prices

Bespoke range Two Piece Half Canvas Full Floating Canvas Extra Trousers/Extra Waistcoat
Dress2kill Online £299 Not available £100
Business Class Medium Weight £475 (Norm £750) £975 £150
Business Class Super 110 £575 (Norm £750) £1075 £190
Super fine Wool (Royal Classics) £675 £1175 £225
Super 120s (Huddersfield super 120) £775 £1275 £250
Tweed £875 £1375 £275
Premium Range (Cashmere / Mohair) £1000 £1500 £300
Customers Own Cloth £375 £875 £125
Morning Suits £100 (Surcharge)
Dinner Suits £100 (Surcharge)
Overcoats £100 (Surcharge)
100% Egyptian cotton shirt £85.00
Extras Standard
Stitched Button Hole £5 (per button hole)
Working Cuff £30
Inset Cuff Lining £30
Inset Satin Vent £30
Stitched Edging £20
Embroidery £15
Storm Collar £25
Designer Lining £45
Designer Back £75
Shawl Collar £25
Kick In Hem £20
Colour Felt under collar £15
Hem £15
Double Seat Double Crutch £30
Fancy Lining £30

Visiting Thursdays

Please call us on 0207 928 9558 to book a visiting tailor.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Thank you for choosing Dress2Kill. We are always looking for ways to improve our service.

Please help us to do that by completing this survey and enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne on us.

Your opinion is really important to us!

*Please ask for more information at the reception desk

Thank you for your time. We appreciate your feedback and your opinion really does count!

Visiting Corporate

Let’s face it; London is a busy place to work. So, when time is of the essence, our mobile visiting tailors are on hand to help!

Our Approach has always been designed around taking the pressure off you, whilst making the process of attaining a bespoke suit enjoyable and convenient. We recognise that it is nice to feel special and to have a fuss made over you once in a while. We make it our top priority to take care of all the little details, so that you can really relax. We even provide you with a free glass of champagne (or two!), if desired.

Our Clients comprise mostly of busy professionals, who run tight schedules. They recognise the value of personal branding and the benefits that come with creating and maintaining an impeccable first impression. In fact, recent research even suggests that it takes just one tenth of a second for others to make up their minds about you. So, it really is worth investing in the perfect suit, especially within the current climate of increased market competition.

Interested? Please contact us here



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3. The Price and payment

4. The Goods

The quantity and description of the Goods shall be as set out in the description overleaf.

5. Warranties and liability

The Seller warrants that the Goods will at the time of delivery correspond to the description given by the Seller. All other warranties, conditions or terms relating to fitness for purchase, merchantability or conditions of the Goods ands whether implied by statute or common law or otherwise are excluded. The Seller may from time to time make changes in the specification or description of the Goods which are required so as to comply with any applicable safety or statutory requirements or which do not materially affect the quality or fitness of the Goods.

6. Delivery of the Goods

Delivery of the Goods shall be made at the discretion of the Seller either to the Seller’s address Or at an address notified by the Buyer to the Seller as set out overleaf. The Buyer shall make all arrangements necessary to take delivery of the Goods whenever they are tendered for delivery. The risk in the Goods shall pass upon delivery being made or upon tender for delivery.

7. Acceptance of the Goods

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10. Proper law of contract

This contract is subject to the law of England and Wales and all disputes arising thereunder shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

Privacy policy

1. Introduction

Dress2Kill Group Ltd. (Dress2Kill) takes the confidentiality of personal data seriously. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments on this privacy policy.

The Company's privacy policy sets out the ways Dress2Kill processes personal data. This privacy policy only relates to personal data collected by Dress2Kill via Dress2Kill website. Any personal data collected by Dress2Kill is used in accordance with data protection legislation.

This privacy policy does not apply to personal data provided to Dress2Kill by any other means or via any other website. Users should be aware that if they provide personal data to other companies, the privacy polices of those companies determine the uses to which that information is put and Dress2Kill's privacy policy will no longer apply.

2. The Data Protection Act 1998

Dress2Kill website complies with the principles of the Data Protection Act 1998.

3. Use Made of Personal Information

Personal information provided to Dress2Kill via Dress2Kill website will be used for the purposes outlined at the time of collection.

In addition, personal information may be used for statistical analysis.

Personal data will be collected and processed by Dress2Kill for the following purposes: to provide goods and services, including marketing, advertising and promotions, unless a user elects to opt-out of receiving such communications.

Your personal details will not be made available to any third parties.

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Dress2Kill Limited
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6. Verifying, updating and amending your personal information

If, at any time, a user wants to verify, update or amend their personal data they may simple email their request to sales@dress2kill.com.

Verification, updating or amendment of personal data takes place within 40 days of receipt of the request.

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8. Links to Third Party Websites

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9. Security

The Company holds your personal data in accordance with the security provisions of the Data Protection legislation.

10. Notification of Changes

The Company will notify all members of any changes it makes to its privacy policy. If Dress2Kill decides to change its privacy policy, it will post such changes on this page so that you are always aware of how Dress2Kill uses your personal data.

Users have the right to ask Dress2Kill for a copy of the personal data held about them and to request that Dress2Kill correct any inaccuracies in that information.

The Half Canvas Bespoke Suit

Our trusted and much loved half canvas bespoke suits have served our customers very well over the years. Utilising a mixture of traditional and modern construction techniques, the Dress2Kill half canvas suit provides canvas material throughout the chest and the lapels of the jacket, while the rest of the jacket is fused together using the latest techniques. The methods deployed in the construction of this range, mean that the thriftier gentleman with limited time on his hands can still enjoy the luxury of tailored suits. Please note that you will need to allow between 6 - 8 weeks from your initial consultation until final completion.

How the Process works

Once you have been measured and the best styles have been appropriated for your body type and preferences, you can sit back for 3 - 4 weeks, whilst our master tailors get to work. You will then be called back for your first fitting, where you will have the opportunity to experience the finished product. Your master tailor will tweak and pin the suit against your body, ensuring the perfect fit and silhouette. Depending on any alternations required, your suit will be ready for collection within 1 - 2 weeks following on from your first fitting.

The half canvas bespoke suit is the modern man’s answer to traditional tailoring…We aren’t afraid to break the rules and nor will you be, once you own one of these.

Full Floating Canvas

The suit that every sartorial connoisseur dreams of – 100% hand-made, full floating canvas, exquisitely finished, traditionally constructed; the bespoke suit at its very best. The full floating canvas suit utilises a layer of horsehair canvas between the fabric layers, enabling the suit to take on the body shape contours of the wearer, improving the aesthetics and comfort of the suit over time. You will need to allow 8 - 10 weeks in total from your first consultation through to final completion.

How the Process Works

Once you have been measured and the best suit styles and features have been appropriated for your body type and preferences, you can sit back for four weeks whilst your master tailor gets to work and prepares for your midway basted fitting.

The midway fitting gives you the opportunity to try on a lightly stitched version of your suit, known as the ‘baste’, whilst at the same time facilitating an in-depth conversation with your master tailor. At this stage, your suit is pinned and tweaked accordingly, before it is then pulled apart, re-cut and fully made up for your final fitting. We also adjust your paper pattern to update your customer profile, ready for any future purchases. Four weeks later your suit will be ready for your final fitting, where any minor alternations will be turned around in 1 - 2 weeks.

The full floating canvas bespoke suit is the height of luxury and requires time to be savoured…as will you, once you own one.