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Our Dress2Kill London and Andover stores are now closed until further notice.

We’ve relaunched our website, meaning you can purchase new bespoke suits online at fantastic prices!



From classic to cutting edge designs



The quintessential British with ingenious touches



When you know the rules, you can break them


Bespoke Suits

Making suits for the sartorial connoisseur

Full Canvas

100% hand-made, full floating canvas

The suit that every sartorial connoisseur dreams of – 100% hand-made, full floating canvas, exquisitely finished, traditionally constructed; the bespoke suit at its very best. The full floating canvas suit utilises a layer of horsehair canvas between the fabric layers, enabling the suit to take on the body shape contours of the wearer, improving the aesthetics and comfort of the suit over time. You will need to allow 8 – 10 weeks in total from your first consultation through to final completion.

Bespoke Suits

Half Canvas

Mixing traditional & modern construction

Our trusted and much loved half canvas bespoke suits have served our customers very well over the years. Utilising a mixture of traditional and modern construction techniques, the Dress2Kill half canvas suit provides canvas material throughout the chest and the lapels of the jacket, while the rest of the jacket is fused together using the latest techniques. The methods deployed in the construction of this range, mean that the thriftier gentleman with limited time on his hands can still enjoy the luxury of tailored suits. Please note that you will need to allow between 6 – 8 weeks from your initial consultation until final completion.

House Rules

Rules of the establishment

  1. Everyday concerns should be left at the door. The mind should be free of all unnecessary stresses and strains.
  2. Magazines, books and other reference materials are available for the purloining of sartorial inspiration from persons of fame and notoriety.
  3. Open and frank discussion of preferences and opinion with your tailor is actively encouraged, as is the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  1. Measurements will be taken without embarrassing silences, winces of distress or moments of discomfort.
  2. Snobbishness, self-consciousness and adherence to stuffy tradition are strictly prohibited.
  3. One should only leave the premises when fully satisfied.